Aviation sector

Blades of all sizes

Costruzioni Meccaniche Menegazzi s.r.l. produces blades for aircraft engine turbines.
Our company can meet different needs and produce a wide range of blades, varying in size (from 10 mm to 2100 mm) and source material. We have been certified for the aviation sector AS 9100 OASIS.

Throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process, the products are checked for dimension and are certified by a system integrated with tactile and continuous scanning measuring instruments. This allows us to provide a correct dimensional analysis and to draft monitoring reports to be released to clients.

Apart from the dimensional and geometrical analysis of manufactured components, Costruzioni Meccaniche Menegazzi s.r.l. can perform non-destructive testing such as spectrometric analysis and magnetic particle inspection, as well as vibration control and moment weighing.