Energy Sector

Blades of all sizes

Costruzioni Meccaniche Menegazzi s.r.l. specializes in production and manufacturing custom-made blades for steam and gas turbines to customer order. With our large vehicle stock, we manufacture blades from10 mm to 2100 mm, as well as highly-complex components made with different materials such as steel, special steels, Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium and light alloys.

The production of turbine blades begins with the design or the real sample (reverse engineering), continues with the creation of a mathematical model, and concludes with the production of complex detailing based on the needs of our clients. On the other hand, grinding is performed by an anthropomorphic robot, granting an incomparable degree of precision and speed throughout the entire production cycle.

This modus operandi is used for the entire production of:
- Forged steam and gas turbine blades made from bar (fusion/micro-fusion)
- Baffle rings (complete or sections)
- Blades for the naval sector
- Triple and impulse blades
- Blades for geothermal energy
- Blades for diaphragms